Careers in the LGBT Movement

Whether you're a student looking for an internship or first-time job or a professional looking for a mid-career shift, the Pipeline Project can connect you with exciting opportunities in the LGBT Movement. If you represent an organization seeking candidates of color for available positions, we can assist with your search, as well. Our philosophy is simple: the efficacy of the LGBT Movement is only enhanced by greater participation of people of color. The Pipeline Project works on several fronts to increase diversity and promote inclusion within the LGBT Movement. One of our strategies is to help organizations recruit candidates for available positions, by banking both opportunities and talent. The job outlook for individuals with careers in the LGBT movement is exceptionally good. At a time when many sectors are downsizing and laying off employees, the LGBT movement continues to grow. More LGBT organizations exist today than ever before. An array of non-profits and foundations employ thousands of people. These organizations offer:

  • competitive salaries
  • excellent benefits
  • high levels of employee satisfaction

There are well over 500 organizations in the LGBT movement, offering jobs in communities in every state. These organizations truly offer something for everyone. Whether you're interested in national or state advocacy, social work, philanthropy, healthcare, or the law, there's likely a position for you. The Pipeline Project's 21st Century Fellows, for example, come from a variety of career tracks: some work in communications, marketing, and development departments, others in advocacy, research, and policy. Also represented are finance and accounting, legal, and field organizing. In short, we are seeking diverse talent for diverse positions. Some statistics:

  • Nearly two-thirds of LGBT movement workers report high morale for themselves and their co-workers. This is higher than any other sector, including business, government, and other non-profits.
  • Over 80% are satisfied with their organization's activities.
  • Two-thirds are satisfied with their benefits, job security, and work-life balance.
  • A whopping 96% find themselves engaged in meaningful work.

If you are a first time job/internship seeker, are currently employed in the LGBT movement but want a change, or are considering a new career altogether you should consider viewing our Jobs List.  If you are hiring, post your position to make sure your posting is seen by visitors to our site.