Our Work

The Pipeline Project focuses on four steps to achieve its greater goals:

Priming the Pump

By recruiting new, diverse talent to work for and with LGBT organizations at staff and Board levels we are infusing the LGBT Movement with young and experienced diverse talent and strengthening organizations. We’re doing this through ever-expanding relationships with colleges, universities, employee resource groups, and other pools of likely recruits, as well as targeted research.

Organizational Preparation for and Management of Diversity & Inclusion

The Pipeline Project offers curriculum-based and individually-tailored strategies in guided organizational change that leads LGBT institutions to the goal of “inclusiveness” versus simple “diversity.” Following up structured sessions with Executive Directors, Management Teams and Boards with scheduled follow-up and on-call support and coaching, we are helping organizations increase their capacity to both benefit more effectively from diverse talent and retain that talent.

People of Color Advancement within LGBT Organizations

The Pipeline Project provides a comprehensive agenda of programs and services that stems the attrition of key talent from the Movement and deepens their commitment to it. Our programs also ensure appropriate and timely advancement for that talent. We also provide coaching, fellowship and mentorship programs that connect promising and diverse talent with resources to improve their professional development and core proficiencies. This work, coupled with our facilitating the creation of peer networks and encouraging collaboration and relationship-building, not only strengthens individuals, but organizations and the Movement itself.

Outreach to Key Movement Investors

Using existing opportunities and creating new ones to publicize our work enables us to create an ever-larger group of Movement investors working collaboratively to achieve a more dynamic, diverse, successful, and impactful LGBT Movement. Relating success stories and making the case for the connection between developing and advancing diverse talent and the greater effectiveness of those organizations is thepipelineproject’s ongoing challenge to itself.