Organizational Change Work

To facilitate the ability and improvement of LGBT organizations to improve their performance around diversity and inclusion, and thereby retain and advance people of color, The Pipeline Project works with organizations using individually-tailored processes in the style of strategic planning to assist managers, Executive Directors and Boards in understanding the historical and contextual reasons their organizations have had difficulty attracting and retaining people of color staff and Board members.

These processes form the centerpiece of what we refer to as our "environmental change" work that seeks to makes Movement organizations more accessible, welcoming and positive environments for people of color (and by extension, all people) and giving those organizations the tools to get the most out of their staffs and Boards generally. Our curriculum was initially tested with 16 Community Center Executive Directors from around the country in the winter and spring of 2009. Feedback received from those initial curriculum participants was almost wholly positive.

Additionally, because our relationship with organizations is structured to culminate in a set of goals and objectives for participants, their organizations, and groups of participants collectively, effectiveness was easily assessed. In reviewing progress several months after the end of the last testing session, most participants had made significant progress towards achieving their goals and completing their objectives. We also provide supportive services post-process, which organizations which organizations have found invaluable. Services include on-call availability for participants as they work to achieve their goals and coach participants as they trouble-shoot challenges.