Your Organization's Inclusion Strategy

The Pipeline Project's focus on recruiting staff and interns for LGBT rights organizations is critical to building a more inclusive movement; however, it is also imperative that we provide assistance for organizations as they prepare for and manage that diversity. The Pipeline Project encourages organizations to partner with us to access the tools necessary to revision your work.

The Pipeline Project offers curriculum-based and individually-tailored strategies in guided organizational change that leads LGBT organizations to the goal of "inclusiveness" versus simple "diversity." Through the Pipeline Project, your organization can access support and resources for creating a plan to not just recruit and retain, but rather to successfully include and advance people of color.

The Pipeline Project offers:

  • A safe entity with which to discuss issues and concerns related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Structured sessions with Executive Directors, Management Teams and Boards
  • Scheduled follow-up
  • On-call support and coaching

The Pipeline Project's inclusion work fits neatly into two categories: organizational development and professional development.