Associate Director of Digital Campaigns

National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF)
Position Description: 

Application Deadline: August 3, 2020, 11:59PM CT for full consideration (open until filled)<!--break-->Instructions:  Click the following link and upload your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions or trouble with the application process, send a message to jobs [at] <!--break-->Estimated Date to Hire: October 26, 2020 (must be available for virtual onboarding this week)<!--break--> Are you looking for us?You feel most yourself when writing. You shepherd big ideas from planning to public view without dropping details. You’re thrilled by each campaign's potential to fortify long-term strategy. You merge communication streams, maintaining a seamless organizational voice, then high-five yourself because you nailed it. As a leader, you seek the places where clarity and efficiency meet, because you value compassion and sustainability. You believe in the power of digital strategy to change the world. <!--break--> Organizational Overview:The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic and reproductive justice. Together with our members, we advocate for cultural and political change to ensure access for people who face the greatest obstacles to abortion access: women with lower income, women of color, young women, and transgender and gender nonconforming people. This is an exciting time for NNAF as we grow, nurture new funds emerging in underserved areas, deepen our support for funds working within the reproductive justice framework, and co-lead a bold national coalition campaign to increase abortion access by restoring Medicaid coverage for abortion. We are working to make access to abortion a reality for everyone, no matter their resources. We are building a movement, mentoring young leaders, and working toward a world in which everyone can shape their own futures and families.  We invite you to join us as the newest member of our dedicated and growing team at a time when we are explicitly focused on scaling our network and building the infrastructure of abortion funds to be fully staffed organizations with robust abortion funding budgets.  NNAF is comprised of a multi-racial, multi-religious, gender expansive staff of 40, located across the United States. We know how important it is to support our remote staff to maintain connection and cohesiveness as a team. To this end, we ensure weekly one-on-one supervision, face-to-face virtual staff meetings, quarterly in-person meetings, and more.<!--break--> Title: Associate Director of Digital CampaignsSupervised by: Communications DirectorSupervises: Communications Manager, Communications Project CoordinatorStatus: The position is full-time, exempt, salaried. Compensation: $86,360-95,212, commensurate with experience, with competitive benefits packageBenefits: Best in Class benefits package currently including 100% employer paid health insurance plus 50% for dependents/families, a 5% employer retirement match, 3 weeks vacation, 13 holidays, generous sick time, and a commitment to professional development.Location: Flexible<!--break-->Position DescriptionThe Associate Director of Digital Campaigns is responsible for leadership overseeing strategy and implementation of digital campaigns for supporter engagement, fundraising and development, and network building activities. They hold the 360 degree view of our external communications strategy, and are responsible for the development, implementation, and success of digital campaign goals to meet the objectives of NNAF’s strategic plan. This includes the project management of all outgoing email and social media communications and supervision of digital strategies working groups. They are a resource for values-based organizational voice alignment across NNAF. The Associate Director is also responsible for the internal systems and practices that the Communications team utilizes to collaborate, move work forward, and evaluate success. They supervise at least 2-3 full-time staff and support collaboration across departments.<!--break-->Essential Job Functions Leadership of Digital Campaigns Program (approximately 45% of the position)

  • Serve as organizational lead for campaigns throughout the year with key responsibility for integrating strategies across communications, organizing, fund development and amplification of member communications/campaigns.
  • Lead the Communications digital campaign strategies programs by working closely with and supervising Communications Manager and Project Coordinator. 
    • Give timely input and feedback into project plans, program designs, and contribute to content, facilitation, and design when needed. 
    • See the whole of how projects fit together in the department and organization, and offer recommendations as things shift or change.
  • Set vision and process for any new program design, in partnership with the Communications team leadership. Serve as a thought partner and give regular feedback as programs are implemented and evaluated. 
  • Design and oversee campaigns that are led by and center marginalized communities. Ensure disability justice concepts and accessible technological processes are central to strategies and practices.
  • Understand emerging tech trends and set a vision to optimize supporter engagement and action by enhancing current digital technologies, platforms, and methods. 

Management (approximately 25% of the position)

  • Organizational leadership: 
    • Participate in relevant Leadership Team meetings as needed.
    • Support the Directors in translating organizational values into organizational culture, build aligned strategies across the organization, and support effective interdependent communication and coordination across departments.
    • Participate in the development, oversight, and evaluation of the Strategic Plan, annual operating plans and budgets, and departmental work plans. Adhere to strategic plan objectives. 
    • Participate with other staff and board in collaborative implementation of NNAF programs and strategic plans.
    • Support Department Directors in preparing reports and analysis for the Leadership Team, Board of Directors, and funders, when necessary.
  • Department Leadership: 
    • Collaborate with and support the Communications Director in effectively planning and implementing department work plans in consultation with NNAF’s strategic plan. 
    • In collaborative leadership with the Communications Director, develop yearly and quarterly goals and work plans, track progress and outcomes, and ensure clear roles and team processes. 
    • Along with Communications Director, lead the design and coordination of Communications team in-person and virtual meetings. 
  • Serve as a channel for communication within the organization, such as for major decisions of the Leadership Team and the main goals of the organization to assigned staff, in coordination with and complementary to organization-wide communications.  
  • Supervise assigned staff: 
    • Write position descriptions and hire assigned staff.  
    • Conduct supervision and evaluations and foster a relationship of mutual feedback. 
    • Provide ongoing mentoring to facilitate strategic growth for assigned staff and monitor individual work plans. 
    • Delegate responsibility and empower employees to take ownership over their roles and goals. 
    • Conduct necessary performance improvement plans, terminations, and other personnel actions in accordance with personnel policies.

Communications Department Leadership (approximately 20% of the position)

  • Manage consultants when necessary, including overseeing the process to find outside vendors and consultants to support Communications goals and deliverables.
  • Lead team in partnership with Managers in providing ongoing technical assistance and one-on-one coaching, providing fund activists with strategic assistance, organizational development resources, and guidance for challenging questions and situations. 
  • Oversee Managers to ensure a useful, efficient, and up to date editorial calendar is maintained across the organization.
  • Support the Communications Director in tending to multiple flows of communication and coordination: from the leadership team to the Communications Team, between other departments and the Communications Team, and amongst staff on the Communications Team.
  • Seek out articles and participate in training to stay current with trends, best practices, strategies, and industry standards. Oversee Digital Campaign professional development opportunities, including training staff in strategies and standards. Discern and intuit when our base of supporters would benefit from different strategies than those considered industry best practices.

Other (approximately 10% of the position)

  • Actively participate in required convenings, summits, retreats, and staff meetings, and participate in required virtual staff communications.
  • Protect the organization by keeping information confidential.
  • Update professional knowledge by participating in educational opportunities approved by NNAF, maintaining networks, and participating in professional organizations as relevant to your role.
  • Perform duties required of all staff to support smooth internal operations such as submitting timely expense reports, reimbursement requests, and timesheets. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Travel ExpectationsAbility to travel as job requires, approximately six times minimum per year. Travel will primarily be overnight, for approximately 2-5 days, and national. Regardless of where employee lives, and barring travel delays outside of an individual’s control, employee must be able to arrive at destination on-time.Benchmarks

  • Work with the team to set goals and align individual work plans with larger departmental strategies annually. Manage a team of at least 2-3 full-time staff by offering leadership development support, tracking quarterly goals, and overseeing up-to-date progress of work plans.
  • Lead the evaluation, maintenance, and scaling of protocols and systems to support activities and operations related to digital campaigning, including metrics of success centering relationship building, collaborative and multi department project management, and implementing diverse and efficient arcs of supporter engagement. 
  • Support the Directors in translating organizational values into organizational culture, building aligned strategies across the organization, and supporting effective interdependent communication and coordination across departments. Do this by participating in the development, oversight, and evaluation of annual Communications Department budgets and departmental work plans, and by participating in relevant Leadership Team meetings.
  • Submit all baseline work accurately and on time every cycle.  Baseline work includes Certify (monthly) or submitting reimbursements within 90 days of expenses, workplanning in Trello (keeping your own annual and quarterly workplan updated and participating in maintaining your department's), Slack and email communication (daily), timesheets in ADP (bi-weekly), participating in all staff meetings (monthly) and department meetings, and consistently working core hours.

 QualificationsJob experience requirements

  • Seven or more years relevant experience.
  • Experience developing and implementing digital campaigns at the local, state, and national levels that highlight and support grassroots organizations.
  • Experience planning, implementing, and evaluating projects with year-long work plans.
  • Three to five years of experience planning and implementing effective digital campaigns, including email programs, social media campaigns, and cross-organization collaborative campaigns.
  • Four or more years of experience in effective supervision and actively supporting leadership development in others.
  • High level of technological skill expertise, including A/B testing and segmentation strategies, list maintenance and hygiene, digital advertising strategies, and integrating multimedia elements into campaign strategies.

Specific skill sets

  • Excellent project management skills, including use of digital project management platforms like Trello.
  • Familiarity with and willingness to work in multiple CRM systems that specialize in donor relationships, email campaigns, and communication outreach and metrics. NNAF currently uses Campaign Monitor, [donor system], Meltwater, and SalesForce to create outgoing campaigns and document results and relationships.
  • High standards and skill in overseeing documentation in service of institutional memory, process training, and evaluation.
  • Creative, proactive, and resourceful approach to planning and strategy formation, including strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good judgment, opportunity savvy, and a keen attentiveness to accessible and politically sensitive language.
  • Highly collaborative, including the ability to see the connections between multiple campaigns and department goals to ensure continuous and seamless external communications that efficiently meet multiple organizational goals. 
  • Exceptional writing, copyediting, copywriting, and messaging skills.
  • Demonstrated success in digital campaign design, including creating and explaining campaign goals to multiple stakeholders, developing appropriate measures of success that center relationships as well as results, and evaluating and reporting campaign metrics.
  • Confident using, or learning, technology to support and enhance overall supporter engagement and political education efforts.
  • Highly collaborative and able to thrive as part of a dynamic, generative, and fast-moving organizational culture; a stance that balances flexibility and rigor.


  • Committed to abortion access and full reproductive health care for all.
  • Committed to an intersectional framework that includes, but is not limited to gender, economic, and racial justice. Racial justice and economic justice analysis and practice and able to faithfully integrate this into communications.
    • Ability to enjoy collaboration and be a part of a dynamic, highly productive and integrated team; maintain flexibility and effectively manage ambiguity in a responsive work environment.
    • Self-motivated, resourceful, creative, and able to work without significant day-to-day supervision.
  • Open to giving and receiving feedback and committed to practicing this regularly.
  • Belief in bucking the trend through progressive policies to create a new vision for our future.
  • Appreciation of working with diverse staff and board in an organization committed to racial justice.

Work EnvironmentThe physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with different abilities to perform the essential functions. 

  • Depending on location, a combination of in-office and virtual office at this time. Must be able to participate in online virtual communications including email, video conferencing, and other online tools used to facilitate virtual office culture and work sharing. 
  • This position is full time, with employee’s regular full time schedule to be approved by supervisor. Regular hours must include attendance during core business hours from 12:00pm – 5:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Occasional work on evenings and weekends as needed.
  • Must be able to conduct business in English; however, fluency in languages other than English is a plus. 
  • Smoke- and drug (illegal or recreational)-free environment.
  • Some work at off-site locations may be required; NNAF aims for accessibility in any off-site location that we have control of, but some of them may not be fully accessible.
  • This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, and scanners. Employee is regularly required to communicate effectively via computer, via phone, and in person.
  • This role requires frequent sitting. 

 NNAF is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any individual based on any non-merit factor, and is committed to an equitable workplace where everyone is treated as a respected and valued member of the team. In fact, NNAF actively seeks to build and maintain a diverse staff with regard to race, culture, ethnicity, class, religion, physical ability, age, gender, and sexual orientation. As an organization working in solidarity with the reproductive justice movement, NNAF is committed to fostering the leadership and elevating the voices of women, young people, people of color, Native people, immigrant and refugees, low-income people, LGBQ+, and transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, people who have had abortions, people with disabilities, young parents, people who were formerly imprisoned, people who have received funding for abortions, and people living in the many intersections of these experiences. We encourage people from these communities to apply. 

Application Deadline: 
Monday, August 3, 2020
Application Instructions: 

Application Deadline: August 3, 2020, 11:59PM CT for full consideration (open until filled)Instructions:  Click the following link and upload your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions or trouble with the application process, send a message to jobs [at]

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United States