Associate Director for Membership Operations

Human Rights Campagin
Position Description: 

 The Associate Director for Membership Operations reports directly to the Membership Director.   The Associate Director is responsible for the administrative management and the day-to-day implementation of a large and comprehensive $14 million membership program.  The Associate Director will play an active role in managing all aspects of direct mail, telemarketing and membership outreach operations including but not limited to organizing external vendor partners; managing campaign production; coordinating inter-departmental relations; monitoring program revenue and expenses; and analyzing and interpreting program results.  The Associate Director will also supervise the organization’s member services program.     Position Responsibilities: 

  • Work with direct marketing and membership outreach teams as well as external vendor partners to develop, submit, execute and monitor annual budget; working in partnership with the Membership Director, Associate Director of Community Events and Membership Outreach, and the Director of Annual Giving. Assist in the development and monitoring of local steering committee goals related to membership and community events.
  • Provide regular and comprehensive program analysis and organizational reports.  Execute day-to-day management of all invoices and expenses.  Provide ongoing detailed budget reconciliation and auditing of all income and expenses for the Membership Department thru the monthly cost center reports.
  • Oversee the successful execution of all direct mail campaigns, including copyediting, blueline approval and maintaining sample library.  Assist in the internal copy approval process as needed.
  • Manage the overall progress and success of the member services program, which includes the supervision of up to two full-time employees (current positions include Member Services Manager and Member Services Assistant).
  • Provide logistical support and timeline management for all membership outreach operations, including: community events; outreach programs; door-to-door and street canvassing; and annual pride events.
  • Assist in the management of contractual vendor-partner and consultant relationships.  Serve as primary contact with telemarketing vendors.  Work with outside consultant to ensure that state fundraising registrations are up-to-date and compliant with HRC regulations.
  • Review and edit any advertisements, mailings or canvassing scripts used in community events and membership outreach.
  • Serve as resource and liaison to internal database team and external database vendor.  Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the database and all processes related to the Membership Department.
  • Write and submit ongoing board reports for both the DM and Outreach side of the department.
  • Review all fundraising materials for SOP 98-2 guidelines for auditing.
  • Act as a senior member of the department in any of the staff interview processes.
  • Provide support for other team members as required.

Bachelor’s degree.  5-7 years non-profit operations experience with production and financial accountability, particularly budget development.  Proven leadership qualities.  Experience in supervision of full-time staff and management of vendor relationships.   Background in customer service is essential.  Proficient computer and editing skills.  Technical and analytical abilities associated with financial reporting.  Demonstrated ability to be organized and work well under pressure and tight deadlines while handling multiple assignments.  A strong desire to achieve program and professional growth.  Interpersonal relationship and communications skills a must.  

Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, July 5, 2016
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United States