General Manager

Human Rights Campaign
Position Description: 

Position Summary:The ACS General Manager of the Human Rights Campaign Store and Action Center is a full time position and reports directly to the Creative Director.Position Responsibilities:

  • The ACS General Manager is responsible for the following duties:
  • Establish political messaging and retail staff training to promote HRC’s political, membership and financial objectives;
  • Manage HRC education and action programs and reporting results;
  • Develop and execute a local advertising and promotional strategy;
  • Develop community outreach projects which utilize staff input;
  • Merchandise sales floor for maximum visual impact and financial return.
  • Update Action Center with current Action Alerts, Press Releases, HRC Activities, all HRC Publications etc;
  • Development and maintenance of the agreed upon store schedule;
  • Balance objectives of meeting/exceeding budgeted revenue goals with HRC programs and membership activities;
  • Updating and maintenance of action center components & development of weekly talking points on HRC activities and projects;
  • Ongoing education of ACS staff about HRC’s membership, educational and political objectives;
  • Merchandising (for clarity of presentation and profit) of display windows and sales floor.
  • In-store marketing and cross-promotion of all local HRC sponsored events (in coordination with headquarters program staff);
  • Identifying local promotional (person to person) and marketing opportunities to increase ACS visibility and traffic
  • Reporting on membership and traffic count results, promotional activities, political and educational talking points --- including all local community initiates and results.

In addition to the above, responsibilities regarding administration and reporting will include:

  • Together with the Deputy Director for Consumer Marketing develop, implement and track appropriate retail budgets. This includes ongoing monitoring and reporting of store expenses and revenues;
  • Hiring and supervising a staff within budgeted payroll hours;
  • Hiring and delegating management responsibilities along with Action Center Manger.

Together with the above, work with store staff to:

  • Meeting budgeted revenue and performance goals;
  • Meeting traffic count and membership recruitment targets;
  • Opening and closing of the store between scheduled hours of operation;
  • Insuring that at least 80% of all transactions include the customer’s name, address, phone number and gender;
  • Maintain physical appearance, upkeep and cleaning of the store;
  • Meeting traffic count targets & insuring that 15% of store revenue is made up of membership income;
  • Promote an environment of political action and excellent customer care;

Position Qualifications:

  • Candidate must have a minimum of (3) year’s retail management experience, knowledge of product merchandising and vendor maintenance and be closely familiar with retail store operations.
  • The ideal candidate is well organized, detail-oriented and simultaneously pro-active in their approach to multiple projects.
  • Experience in retail point-of-sale systems is a must, especially in computer programs including Microsoft programs and spreadsheets.
  • This position requires minimum travel and does maintain multiple project initiatives.
Application Deadline: 
Monday, January 5, 2015
Application Instructions: 

Please visit our website to apply:

Country/US Territory: 
United States