Research Manager

National Center for Transgender Equality
Mission Statement: 

 The National Center for Transgender Equality is a national social justice organization devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people through education and advocacy on national issues of importance to transgender people.By empowering transgender people and our allies to educate and influence policymakers and others, NCTE facilitates a strong and clear voice for transgender equality in our nation's capital and around the country.

Position Description: 

 The National Center for Transgender Equality seeks a researcher to serve as the manager for the U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS) project. The Research Manager will manage all activities related to the 2015 USTS, the largest survey ever conducted to examine the experiences of transgender people in the United States. This includes producing additional reports to build upon the findings released in The Report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey and subsequent reports, conducting presentations, and managing data requests. The Research Manager will also be part of the research team for the next iteration of the USTS, which is likely to be fielded in 2020. Located in Washington, D.C., this position provides an incredible opportunity to significantly contribute to the knowledge base about transgender people and increase the reach and impact of the USTS. About NCTENCTE is a strong voice for transgender people in our nation’s capital. NCTE’s primary role is to support and advocate for policy change at the local, state and federal level, as well as to use the media to educate society about transgender people. We are known to approach our work with enthusiasm, optimism and good humor. NCTE has a serious commitment to approaching and engaging in its work with an awareness of how racial and economic justice is intertwined and connected to transgender justice and a commitment to ensuring that policymakers and society understand the connection as well.Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage the project and project timeline: Develop tasks relating to the 2015 USTS project to disseminate the findings and expand the reach of the survey findings to policymakers, educators, advocates, and the general public. Develop a project timeline for the 2020 USTS and manage tasks to keep the project moving, identifying and overcoming obstacles to keep the project on time. 
  • Manage the development the 2020 survey questionnaire: Work with other research team members to manage the development of the 2020 USTS questionnaire, including seeking feedback from colleague organizations and researchers on how to improve the questionnaire and pilot testing.
  • Manage outreach, community engagement, and field period: Develop an outreach plan to encourage transgender people throughout the U.S. to complete the 2020 USTS, focusing on community engagement and reaching groups that are traditionally underrepresented in survey research. 
  • Analyze data: Conduct analyses using 2015 USTS data to produce reports and other documents that build upon the findings of previously released reports. Work with the research team to analyze 2020 USTS data and compare it to the 2015 USTS data.
  • Write report(s): Lead the drafting of additional 2015 USTS reports. Lead the drafting of the final 2020 USTS report, as well as several smaller, breakout reports, to disseminate the 2020 data. 
  • Present the findings: Develop presentations of the 2015 USTS findings—and eventually the 2020 USTS findings—and present the findings throughout the U.S. 
  • Manage a limited release of the public-use dataset: Manage the process for collecting and approving requests for the 2015 USTS dataset from qualified researchers and colleague organizations. 
  • Media spokesperson: Serve as an NCTE spokesperson for the project including media interviews, presentation of findings, and other avenues for disseminating information and findings from the USTS project. 


  • Survey Experience: Significant experience working with survey construction and implementation. Understanding of quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Project Leadership: Experience in leading and managing projects. 
  • Data Analysis: Strong understanding of statistical analysis. Ability to use STATA, SPSS, or another statistical package is strongly preferred (please state in cover letter whether and how you have used STATA, SPSS, or other statistical software already).
  • Familiarity with transgender communities and communities of color: Strong understanding of the issues and needs of transgender people in the United States, including trans people of color and low or no-income trans people. Familiarity with connected issues such as poverty, racism, policing, criminal justice, and immigration and how these issues might impact an individual’s ability to complete a survey, such as the USTS. Ability to work with a variety of communities to ensure representation in the survey.
  • Commitment to racial and economic justice: A deep and nuanced understanding of racial and economic justice and systems of inter-connected oppressions is critical, including how related issues show up in research communities and projects and impact trans people whose experiences the USTS seeks to capture.
  • Communications: Skilled in creating compelling written and oral communications, including presentation of research to the media, lawmakers, educators, advocates, and others. Skilled in speaking directly but sensitively about issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and other aspects of diversity and oppression that may impact potential survey respondents. Ability to connect with a wide range of individuals and organizations to address issues that might affect particularly marginalized people’s ability to complete the USTS.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work as integral part of a team of fun-loving, hard-working professionals, taking input from a variety of staff. Ability to work in conjunction with colleague organizations and researchers.
  • Prioritization: Ability to set and meet goals, prioritize, plan, and manage and complete work on deadlines.
  • Detail Orientation: A deep commitment and talent for avoiding any numerical or other mistakes. 
  • Time Management: Excellent organizational and time management skills, including ability to manage multiple tasks independently.
  • Language Ability: Fluency in both Spanish and English is preferred.


Salary is consistent with experience. NCTE offers a strong, competitive benefits package that includes dental, vision and health insurance, as well as IRA matching.
Application Deadline: 
Friday, November 3, 2017
Application Instructions: 

Email a resume and cover letter to apply [at] (a single PDF document is preferred), with the subject line “Research Manager.” Inquire over email if an acknowledgement of your application is not received after one week. Please no calls. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.The National Center for Transgender Equality is an equal opportunity employer. NCTE is committed to creating a diverse staff made of people who are hard-working, kind, optimistic and committed to social justice, from all segments of transgender and allied communities.

Position Level: 
National Center for Transgender Equality
(202) 642-4542
Country/US Territory: 
United States