Storytelling Trainer/Organizer

National Center for Transgender Equality
Mission Statement: 

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) advocates to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. In the nation’s capital and throughout the country, NCTE works to replace disrespect, discrimination, and violence with empathy, opportunity, and justice.   

Position Description: 

The Storytelling Trainer/Organizer works with transgender people and their allies to bring diverse stories of transgender people’s lives and experiences into the policy advocacy and public education work of the transgender movement. By helping transgender people and allies share their stories, this position educates policymakers and the general public about the reality of trans people’s lives to increase social acceptance and equity of trans people as well as support pro-transgender policies. Throughout their work, the Storytelling Trainer/Organizer will apply values of racial and economic justice and ensure diversity amongst communities we are organizing and supporting. This position will be supervised by the Director of Outreach & Education. Key Duties/Responsibilities:  

  • Lead NCTE’s strategic storytelling program, called Voices for Transgender Equality, that supports and advances NCTE’s robust legislative, policy, and public education efforts, including preparing community storytellers to be ready to speak to the media. 
  • Identify and vet a diverse set of potential storytellers, including transgender people, their parents, and other people in their lives, to ensure stories are impactful and relevant to NCTE’s policy goals, with an emphasis on transgender people of color and others whose stories are often less told. 
  • Recruit experts, such as feminist and women’s organizations, school administrators, law enforcement, and others to speak to the media about the positive impact of non-discrimination policies, and the importance of supporting transgender communities. 
  • Coach and support storytellers to bring out compelling details in their stories that will change hearts and minds of policymakers and the American public, including stories related to work, school, bathrooms, family, sex work, HIV, health, police, violence, and ID documents, among others. Note that this work can be emotionally intense. 
  • Train storytellers and experts on how to speak to the media and advocate for trans rights, both online and in-person, including at transgender conferences.       
  • Manage and build upon existing story tracking systems, for both internal use as well as to share with partner organizations. 
  • Engage with external partners to connect them to appropriate stories and storytellers for their advocacy and education campaigns. 
  • Work with NCTE’s Media Relations Manager to connect storytellers to the media.  
  • Potentially serve as an on-the-record spokesperson.  



Note: NCTE is open to candidates who are early in their careers, as well as those with decades of experience. For an experienced candidate, the position title as well as duties of the position may be changed accordingly.  

  • People Person: Enjoys working with people through fun and easy times as well as challenging times, and never hesitates to pick up the phone to connect with new people. 
  • Storytelling Experience: A storytelling background, formal or informal, that involves skills for compelling storytelling. We realize that there are very few jobs that directly prepare someone for this position. Prior experience coaching writing, performance, or theater, among others, could be relevant 
  • Media Experience: Experience working with the media and conducting media training for diverse audiences is preferred. 
  • Project Leadership: Experience in planning and executing projects. 
  • Emotional Intelligence: General and trauma-informed understanding of how stories can affect emotion in both the storyteller and in those that are hearing them. 
  • Optimism: An optimism that is unwavering, with a can-do attitude and a problem-solving orientation, and the assumption that most people are also trying to improve the world. 
  • Emotional Strength and Persistence: The ability to be exposed to transphobia and other kinds of discrimination or stress on a daily basis and keep fighting hard for transgender equality. 
  • Self-Direction: Takes initiative and is resourceful and ambitious about moving projects forward without significant supervision. 
  • Communications:  Skilled in creating and editing powerful, compelling written work. 
  • Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work as an integral part of a team of hard-working, energetic professionals, taking input from a variety of assertive colleagues. 
  • Prioritization and Detail Orientation: Ability to set and meet goals, prioritize, plan, manage, and complete work on deadline and in optimum quality. 
  • Commitment to Social Justice: An understanding of issues affecting transgender people as well as an understanding of racism, classism and other systems of inter-connected oppressions is critical. 
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in a rapid-paced professional environment that requires the successful management of multiple projects and internal and external correspondence, as well as the skill to pivot with changing needs. 
  • Fluency in Spanish is a plus, but not required

The Storytelling Trainer/Organizer is a full-time position working out of our national office in Washington, DC. It will involve regular travel to conferences and hotspots of anti-transgender political activity. This position is based at NCTE’s headquarters in Washington, DC. For applicants who reside outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area, NCTE offers relocation expense reimbursement

Application Deadline: 
Friday, July 26, 2019
Application Instructions: 

Email a resume and cover letter to apply [at] with Storytelling Trainer/Organizer in the subject line. Inquire over email if an acknowledgement of your application is not received after one week. Please no calls. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.   The National Center for Transgender Equality is an equal opportunity employer. NCTE is committed to creating a diverse staff made of people who are kind, optimistic, hardworking and committed to social justice, from all segments of transgender and allied communities. If you have disability-related accommodations needs during the application process, please contact Patrick Paschall, NCTE’s Director of Finance and Operations, at ppaschall [at]

Country/US Territory: 
United States