The Pipeline Project Builds Its Alumni Programming

The Pipeline Project announced the start of a program focused on alumni from its 21st Century Fellows Program.  The Program will involve a three-tiered structure to address the needs of various groups of alumni at different points along their career trajectories.

"Our intent is to provide avenues for our alumni to remain connected, connected across Cohorts, and additional resources to advance their leadership" said Clarence Patton, Pipeline's Director.

"When Pipeline, the Haas, Jr. Fund and the Arcus Foundation initially created the 21st Century Fellows Program, the idea was to not only provide LGBT Leaders of Color with tools to advance and sustain their leadership, but also to provide an ongoing support and resource network for LGBT Leaders of Color who often find themselves more isolated the further they advance; this program will help to serve that latter purpose," continued Patton.

To manage the Alumni Program, Pipeline has brough on Sung Park, an alumnus of the 21st Century Fellows Program's inaugural Cohort.  “It's with much gratitude that I have the opportunity to give back to the 21st Century Fellows program.  My experience with the fellowship was inspirational and transformative, and enabled me to make difficult career decisions/transitions with confidence.  I am beyond happy to see that the 21st Century Fellows has grown and cultivated a robust network of alumni across the country (and even overseas!).  In the Alumni Program Manager role, I hope to expand the connections and resources formed during the fellowship.  I am excited to continue supporting my fellow alumni in deepening their skills and amplifying their leadership," said Park.

At present, there are 70 alumni from the Fellows Program, 9 of whom or 13% are now Executive Directors.  Alumni who are Executive Directors will also have access to programming the Pipeline Project is developing to support LGBT Executive Directors of Color.

The Alumni Program will start this later this fall.