Our Work

The Pipeline Project focuses on four steps to achieve its greater goals:

Priming the Pump

By providing support to alumni of our leadership development programs at their career turns, and providing an online resource for both job posters and job seekers, we help connect new, diverse talent to organizations.  The primary driver for non-Pipeline Program alumni is our Jobs List which includes exciting opportunities for those looking to work within the Movement and beyond.

Organizational Preparation for and Management of Diversity & Inclusion

The Pipeline Project's work with organizations to support their improving performance around diversity, equity, and inclusion is largely performed by our consulting arm: Pipeline Consulting.  Pipeline Consulting works with not-for-profits to provide strategic planning, leadership and program development to support organizations and their leaders in improving their performance and success with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  In doing this work, we use an organizational systems-based approach aligned with the mission, value, and ethos of client organizations.

People of Color Advancement within LGBT Organizations

The Pipeline Project provides a comprehensive agenda of programs and services that stems the attrition of key talent from the Movement and deepens their commitment to it. Our programs also ensure appropriate and timely advancement for that talent. We also provide coaching, fellowship and mentorship programs that connect promising and diverse talent with resources to improve their professional development and core proficiencies. This work, coupled with our facilitating the creation of peer networks and encouraging collaboration and relationship-building, not only strengthens individuals, but organizations and the Movement itself.

Outreach to Key Movement Investors

Using existing opportunities and creating new ones to publicize our work enables us to create an ever-larger group of Movement investors working collaboratively to achieve a more dynamic, diverse, successful, and impactful LGBT Movement. Relating success stories and making the case for the connection between developing and advancing diverse talent and the greater effectiveness of those organizations is thepipelineproject’s ongoing challenge to itself.