Professional Development

Professional Development

Organizations committed to inclusion must recognize the need for professional development, particularly if they are to retain and advance people of color. To this end, the Pipeline Project provides coaching, fellowship and mentorship programs that connect promising and diverse talent with resources to enhance their leadership journeys and core proficiencies. This work, coupled with our facilitating the creation of peer networks and encouraging collaboration and relationship-building, not only strengthens individuals, but organizations and the LGBT Movement itself.

The sad fact is that many people naturally tend to favor and promote others like themselves in the workplace. Given that current LGBT leadership is significantly non-diverse, an intentional effort must be made to counteract this and support people of color in advancing to higher positions within LGBT organizations.

Also, it is not uncommon for any staffer to reach the limit of an organization's capacity to provide them with additional opportunities for growth. When this occurs, there is the danger of losing that staffer, not only from that organization, but also from the Movement itself.

Talent Programs Design

The Pipeline Project provides a comprehensive agenda of programs and services that stems the attrition of key talent from the Movement and deepens their commitment to it. Our programs also ensure appropriate and timely advancement for that talent. We employ mechanisms, often developed and deployed in the corporate and education arenas, for professional development aspect of our work, including:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Networking opportunities that bring together people of color from different organizations to facilitate support and sharing of information
  • Formal leadership development programs, such as our 21st Century Fellows Program, that identify promising candidates for skills-building

LGBT organizations are generally too small to provide these kinds of professional development initiatives on their own but, when acting together, can generate the critical mass necessary to make such programs work and work efficiently and effectively. To take advantage of the critical mass generated by the Pipeline Project and our 21st Century Fellows program, along with other mentoring, networking, and leadership opportunities, please contact us.