Pipeline Project Full Program

Priming the Pump/the Pipeline Project's Internship Program

thepipelineproject began its work in this area by focusing on recruiting young, energetic undergraduate and post-graduate students to place in summer, fall, spring, and year-long internships at LGBT organizations around the country. In its first nine months of operation, thepipelineproject's internship program, recruited 132 intern candidates for 47 internships ultimately placing interns in 30% of those positions.
Beyond internships, thepipelineproject has also begun the process of matching people of color with permanent opportunities within LGBT organizations, and we anticipate those services to grow particularly as our interns graduate and enter the permanent employment market.

Organizational Preparation for and Management of Diversity & Inclusion/the Pipeline Project's Organizational Change Work

To facilitate the ability and improvement of LGBT organizations to retain and advance people of color, thepipelineproject developed a two-day curriculum in the style of strategic planning to assist managers, Executive Directors and Boards in understanding the historical and contextual reasons their organizations have had difficulty attracting and retaining people of color staff and Board members. Read more »

People of Color Advancement within LGBT Organizations/the 21st Century Fellows Program

At the same time that thepipelineproject provides support to key organizational staff and Board members, parallel support in the form of coaching, mentorship, networking and comprehensive programming to people of color working within the LGBT Movement is provided.

Currently, the keystone program provided by thepipelineproject in this area is the 21st Century Fellows Program. Read more »