The 21st Century Fellows Program

The 21st Century Fellows Program is a year-long program for LGBT people of color managers currently working at human rights, service and advocacy organizations, with an emphasis on those working at LGBT organizations.   The program's most recent Cohort was supported by the Arcus Foundation, the David Bohnett Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund. 

The Pipeline Project is not accepting applications or nominations for the program at this time; however updates on recruitment for our next Cohort will be posted here.

For more on the program, watch one of these two videos, download and read one of the two evaluations of the Program to date, or read a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article on the Program. 

The program's primary goals are three-fold:

Individual Goals

The provision of leadership development support for people of color managers within LGBT organizations coupled with opportunities for those managers to connect with and learn from each other will:

  • Support individuals to build their hard and soft leadership skills;
  • Foster lasting professional networks often missing from the professional development lives of people of color; and
  • Contribute to sector-wide people of color retention efforts resulting in more people of color advancing to executive positions within LGBT organizations, which will then be better equipped to advance rights and opportunities for all LGBT people.

Organizational Goals

By supporting the leadership development of LGBT organizations' key staff members, the program will strengthen those organizations by:

  • Bolstering programming objectives and increasing levels of programmatic success and impact;
  • Providing an additional element of support for organizations' strategic planning, and succession planning goals and efforts.

Movement Goals

The program will strengthen the LGBT movement in the short-term by facilitating leadership, advancement and connections between and among people of color within LGBT organizations. The program also seeks to address longer-term movement leadership needs by sustaining the advancement of people of color by better preparing them for higher positions and building supportive professional networks of peers.

For more information on the performance of the Program, please read these two evaluations:

Advancing the Next Generation of LGBT Leaders (2009-10 Cohort)

Preparing Diverse Leaders for Advancement (2011-12 Cohort)