"The Pipeline Project has been invaluable to me as the Executive Director of The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland. Recently, while working on creating a Domestic Partner Registry for the City of Cleveland, opposition surfaced primarily from the African American Baptist community. Clarence Patton and the Pipeline Project provided invaluable guidance on dealing with this issue. With a primarily white group of LGBT activists - we were not making much head way with the African American religious community. After receiving advice from the Pipeline Project, we were able to forge a relationship with the Cleveland NAACP and the Call & Post Newspaper (African American Christian Newspaper). These relationships not only proved to be invaluable for the passage of the Domestic Partner Registry but also for looking forward to progressive policy changes in the future.

Additionally, as a board member of CenterLink, the Pipeline Project has been helpful expanding our thinking in regard to leadership in the LGBT Community Center movement."

"I recently experienced a conflict with someone at one of our partnership organizations. I really wasn't sure as to how to handle the situation and the first person I thought to call was Clarence. The first piece of advice Clarence gave me was to breathe!

When I recounted the dilemma, Clarence provided me with step-by-step suggestions on how to handle the situation. He was very patient and very detailed, explaining the rationale behind everything he said to me.

What I appreciated most was that Clarence did not tell me what to do. He explored various scenarios, asked me questions and encouraged me to decide what would be the best course of action. His advice proved very practical and what he said to me on that day has become a permanent part of my conflict resolution toolkit."

"I have been through a lot of diversity/inclusiveness workshops and trainings where they have said it was a "safe-space". Working with Clarence and the Pipeline Project has truly been my first experience where I felt a "safe-space" was created.

The Pipeline Project has not only assisted us in bringing our community together around race and inclusion but has also brought the greater LGBT community together through their work with CenterLink. Being able to meet with other community center key leadership about these issues; learning and sharing best practices; being nurtured through discussions around negative experiences; and encouraging growth have all been take-aways for me when working with Clarence and Terry Stone from CenterLink."

"The Pipeline Project has provided Affirmations critical support, guidance and access to information as we strive to build a fully inclusive LGBT community center in Metro Detroit.

Clarence Patton and his team have been a treasure to work with - providing concrete suggestions and solutions for positive change, easy access to demographic and other data, and links to others doing this work.

Truly, we would not have moved so thoughtfully or with as clear a focus without the support offered by the Pipeline Project."